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Why Choose Dynasty Shiba-Inu’s

Our AKC registered puppies are the highest quality Shiba-Inu’s that you can find stateside. To maintain the highest quality of Shiba-Inu’s our breeding stock was directly imported from Japan. We are the only real fully registered breeders of imported Shiba-Inu’s in the central area of the United States. You can really see the difference in responsibly bred Shiba-Inu’s when you compare real Japanese Shiba-Inu’s to other breeders. 

Why we are different

We are not a puppy farm. We do not believe in keeping Shiba’s locked away in cages on a rural farm. Each Shiba is special to us and we hope that we can bring the love and joy of Shiba ownership to your household. We offer advice on training, transportation, and health consultation. Once you are ready to take that first step into the world of Shiba ownership click on the “Contact” tab at the top of the page and leave us a message !