Warranty: The puppy is sold with a 72-hour general health guarantee. You must take your puppy to the vet within 72 hours; if the vet finds the puppy to be unhealthy, we will refund your money or replace your puppy. You will have a life time guarantee against any genetic inherited diseases.

New Owners: As a condition of the sale, the owner agrees as follows:  1. The dog will be given a good and loving home 2. The dog will be given a lifetime good veterinary care. 3. You will make all reasonable attempts to follow the instructions given by the breeder.

General:  If for any reason during your dog’s lifetime and you, the owner needs to find a new home for Shiba-Inu that we have sold. We will happily take the dog back no questions asked. If you find after purchasing a puppy that you cannot give the dog a good home, you have 3 days to return the puppy back to us. You will be refunded all but 10% of the puppy’s final price. If you are shipping the puppy back, then it will be at your cost.

AKC Registration: Registering your new family member with the American Kennel Club is a good way to show your support for the continuation of the breed, even if you do not intend to breed or show yourself. Please register your puppy with AKC! 

Shipping:  If a puppy has to be shipped we will book a round trip flight for the nanny and the puppy. You will receive an invoice for the exact amount for the flight and it will need to be paid in full 1 week in advance before the flight date. The invoice usually contains *this covers what the airline charges including taxes and fees… plus health certificate and Petsafe crate/carrier required for the flight. Failure to pay for shipping may result in shipping delays, loss of deposit, or loss of puppy.  I NEVER make money on shipping.

Visitation:  We would like it very much for you to come and see where your new puppy was born! My desire is to meet YOU and we also like for the new families to meet your puppy’s beautiful parents.  I want YOU to know where your new Shiba-Inu came from. A clean loving environment. Please schedule ahead with us and wait for our reply. If you are not able come, NO WORRIES! We can face-time you at your convenient time.

Deposit: Reservations for a puppy in an upcoming litter is a 15% Courtesy Deposit. This is in good faith that you are going to be purchasing the puppy. The deposit will be applied to the final price of your puppy, the deposit is only refundable if we are unable to match you with a puppy within 12 months.

Payment: The final payment will be before or due at the time the puppy is delivered/ local pick up. The types of payments we accept will be: Wire Transfers, Cashier Check (from your bank), cash and Certified Checks. Wire transfers must be completed 1 business day before pickup/ delivery. Checks may be mailed via USPS tracking 7 days before delivery/pick up of your puppy. Alternatively, Bank Certified Checks may be handed off at the time of pick up/ delivery. The amount due will be invoiced to your provided email 8 days before delivery/pick up for deposit holders. Your courtesy deposit will be applied to the final price of the puppy. Please reach out to me for further questions!


We know you have choices and were excited that you’ve joined us on our journey to bring real Shiba-Inu’s to the United States. Our breeding pair was imported by us personally from world-class breeders in the Taiwanese Kennel Club. There are no other breeders carrying real imported Shiba-Inu’s. It is important to us that we hold our dogs to the highest standards of pure bred programs. To be the highest standard of ethics, services, and providing you with your new best friend!